That’s a new approach – plain-sight money laundering via LinkedIn

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It is common knowledge that Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media are used by scammers to present their scams and catch victims. With beautiful photos about expensive cars, jewelry, expensive brands, or other lies. Catching victims for investment scams on Instagram has long become a kind of “cybercrime culture”. What is new for us, however, is that people want to launder money quite in plain sight via Facebook. A whistleblower sent us an interesting link today to a financial business consultant looking for bank accounts to launder money.

We will soon find out if Senthil Kumar (LinkedIn) is just brazen or a very simple mind. On LinkedIn, The Indian describes himself as a Financial Business Consultant skilled in “corporate finance, accounting, wholesale banking.” He is looking for bank accounts to conduct various money-laundering operations up to several million euros in his many postings. New times, new criminals.

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