Strange! iPayTotal’s Chief Experience Officer and her LinkedIn account vanished!

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Does anybody know what a Chief Experience Officer (CEO?) is or does? If you don’t, we happily welcome you to the club. We didn’t know either. Then in December 2020, we were contacted by Davina Mungroo of iPayTotal about our reviews of the high-risk payment processor. Of course, they would be totally unjustly negative. We then learned on iPayTotal‘s website that Davina, as Chief Experience Officer, is responsible for how her company is perceived in reviews and reports. Well, she must have been a very busy person then; too busy, evidently, because she and her LinkedIn account vanished.

Former Mrs iPayTotal Ruchi Rathor

Davina Mungroo contacted FinTelegram through her LinkedIn account in December 2020. She wanted to discuss our reports on iPayTotal and OctaPay, she said. A LinkedIn group was established with Ruchi Rathor (LinkedIn and pictured left) and the then newly appointed iPaytotal CEO and owner Sen Kugan (LinkedIn). That was not fruitful.

Shortly after, we received a letter from iPaytotal‘s lawyers demanding deletion of the articles about iPayTotal. Well, we get that more often. We explained to the lawyers that our articles are based on facts and verified information, and therefore we will not take them offline. We haven’t heard anything since.

Since then, we have exposed iPayTotal as a payment processor in many scams time and again. Apparently, this is what the company thrives on. On the review site Trustpilot, the payment processor received many 5-star reviews over the last few weeks. Well, most feedbacks have been provided by invited reviewers but it was nevertheless surprising to us.

We wanted to congratulate Davina Mungroo on LinkedIn. Evidently, she did a great job in arranging good ratings and reviews. Unfortunately, we noticed that Davina has vanished from iPayTotal, LinkedIn, and the web in general. Strange. Well, maybe she was just one of the many fake personalities used at iPayTotal, like Jason Smith.

Furthermore, we discovered that the so-called Mrs. iPaytotal, Ruchi Rathor, is also no longer with us since March 2021. But at least her LinkedIn account is still there. While Sen Kugan is the Mr. iPaytotal now, Ruchi evidently has established the new crypto payment brand CryptoMatix (www.cryptomatix.io) Estonian entity iPayTotal OÜ.

Should anyone know more about the whereabouts of Davina Mungroo, we would appreciate hearing from you.

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