Scam Alert – Crypto Ad Scheme AdBit working in legal stealth mode

Crypto Ad scheme AdBit
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Currently, cryptocurrencies are back in high demand – both among investors and scammers. As in 2017, the rapid rise of Bitcoin et al. in recent weeks has sparked a hype in which even inexperienced investors want to get on board. Most recently, the UK regulator FCA has warned that investors in cryptocurrencies may lose all their money. Either via the highly volatile prices or scams. The crypto hype is also being addressed by the crypto ad scheme AdBit (http://www.adbit.biz) working in legal stealth mode.

Smart Bidding

Specifically, the AdBit scheme offers website operators or online activities to place ads through AdBit. The ad space can be purchased with bitcoins. It is then to be auctioned off to advertisers. AdBit only charges a commission for this. Sounds like a crypto version of Google AdSense, right?

AdBit is a Blockchain empowered ad network with a “smart bidding” system

Adbit website (link)

Legal Stealth Mode

Most recently, Fintelegram has had website owners complaining that they bought ad space with BTC, but the ads didn’t show. Well, these can be “normal” problems from customers that should find their way to Trustpilot. Therefore, AdBit does not necessarily have to be a scam. However, in our analysis, we found that AdBit has neither an imprint nor any persons or legal entities listed as operators. It’s working in legal stealth mode. This, in turn, is an indication of a possible scam. In any case, we advise caution with the AdBit scheme.

We would appreciate any additional information about AdBit and the acting companies and persons.


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