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Request 4 Information Wize Capital and ForexBrokerCabinet
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People with a criminal inclination and the desire to run their own cybercrime venture find almost heavenly opportunities in these digital times. Even if you are not the smartest guy you can establish your own forex broker. All can be done via your computer at home. You no longer need your own employees, servers, infrastructure, or consultants. Forex incubators such as PheasanTech or Sigmate Informatics and many others offer turnkey solutions for “would-be” Forex brokers and scammers. Company formation and license included. A paradise for scammers, isn’t it?

We are not saying that all customers of these “turn-key” vendors are scammers but many scammers use these vendors. And some turn-key vendors have specialized in the scammer segment.

In recent months we have noticed that more and more scam brokers are working with the Forex Client Cabinet under the domain forexclientcabinet.com. This is the technical-organizational home of many Forex Scams such as 10brokers, Wize Capital, BrokerFX Pro, 69Brokers, FXWorldWides, FXWindsor, PrimeHandel, Forex24 Global, HFS Capital, Dow500, FX Opportunity and many more. Financial market regulators have issued investor warnings against many of these brokers. The most recent example is the investor warning of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) against Wize Capital.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Forex Client Cabinet is running a cybercrime organization by providing scammers with the technical and organizational basis for their scams. There are several providers of such Forex Client Cabinets such as the Indian Sigmate Informatics Pvt Ltd or the Singapore Pheasant PTE Ltd (d/b/a PheasanTech). As the analysis actually shows, the two companies are connected. They are not only providing broker technology, hosting, or the forex client cabinet solution but also act as company formator. They offer the “would-be” forex broker to establish a new legal entity and care about the necessary broker license. Impressive, isn’t it? These two companies are probably not the operator of the Forex Client Cabinet we are looking for.

But back to our R4I then. The provider of the client cabinet we are looking for operates under the domain http://www.forexclientcabinet.com. The individual scams are subsequently listed as subdomains. The client victims recognize this in the browser line where https://wizecapital.forexbrokercabinet.com is located for example. This is a clear signal that you are on a scam page. Leave immediately! Run as fast as you as can!

The Forex Client Cabinet in question is located at the URL https://forexclientcabinet.com but does not have its own website. The domain is registered with GoDaddy since 2014 and links to a server at Amazon AWS.

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We would like to know more about the provider behind this Forex Client Cabinet. If you have any information and/or are a victim of one of the connected scams, we would be happy to share your findings with us.

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