Licensed Estonian scam-facilitator Woodstock and its payments network

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We have recently discovered the licensed Estonian crypto payment processor Woodstock OÜ as a payment processor in the Trade Com scams network with ProfxCredit, FMA Crypto, Coinmond, GlobalSpotFX, Spotfinex, FXonspot, or TopEuroFX. These scams’ victims deposited money through Woodstock‘s bank accounts with Lithuanian financial institutions Finolita Unio UAB, GlobalNetInt UAB, the Maltese Secure Trading Financial Services Limited, and crypto exchanges. Woodstock is controlled by Marianna Charalampous and does not even have a functioning website. Here is the background information.

Woodstock beneficial owner Marianna Charalampous

According to official records, Cypriot Marianna Charalampous, born in February 1979, is both a director and the sole beneficial owner.

Woodstock‘s website www.fmacrypto.com has not been online for months. Nevertheless, the company has been processing payments from scam clients through a network of partners. Woodstock appears to have a link to the Safe Currency crypto exchange (www.safecurrency.com). In Woodstock‘s official KYC documents, several links to Safe Currency, which UK-registered Safe Currency LLP operates, are provided. According to the UK Companies House, the latter’s beneficial owners are the Russian Vladimir Grankin of Russia and the Latvian Aleksandrs Novozenovs.

The Woodstock partners we have discovered are listed below:

GlobalNetInt UABLithuaniaBank of Lithuaniapart of the MoneyNetint Group
Finolita Unio UABLithuaniaBank of Lithuania
Trust Payments (Malta) LimitedMaltaMFSApreviously Secure Trading Financial Services Limited
B2BX DIGITAL EXCHANGE OÜEstoniaFIAd/b/a B2BX, UBO Ivan Nikolajev (Russia(Estonia)
Decta LimitedUKFCAUBOs Marks Andrejevs (Latvia) and Jevgenijs Godunovs (Latvia)
Bitstamp Europe S.A.LuxembourgCSSFleading European crypto exchange
Safe Currency LLPUKnoUBO Vladimir Grankin (Russia) and Aleksandrs Novozenovs (Latvia)

If you have any further information about Woodstock and/or the supported scams and/or the partners we would be happy if you share it with us.

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