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Starting today, interested authors can join our team of investigative FinTelegram bloggers and submit their posts on the topics of investing, investor protection and scams. Please use our online submission form for this purpose. On the submission form, you can indicate whether we should provide your real name with the post or whether you prefer to write the article under the username pseudonym. We will, of course, check the identity of all authors to ensure high quality (note: if you want to leave anonymous messages you can still use our whistleblower system).

We will review all submitted posts articles and publish them as soon as possible. In case of questions, we will get back to the submitting author. For authors who already run a website or blog, the publication has the advantage of linking and thus the opportunity to present their own blog to our readers.

This initiative is currently still in “beta” mode. The idea behind the initiative is to cover as many different languages, countries, and jurisdictions as possible with authors familiar with the environment. It’s another step to expand our reporting with regard to global coverage.

We look forward to your contributions and your feedback. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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