Investor warning – The Oliver Briggs broker scam for dummies

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Every day dozens of new scam brokers emerge hunting for victims. The COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the online investment boom, is the best breeding ground for cybercrime organizations to produce cheap fraudulent broker brands big style in their white-label assembly lines. One of these scams is the Oliver Briggs scam (http://www.oliverbriggs.com), allegedly operated by Seaview Solutions Ltd, Marshall Islands. Via the BoxiPay cashier, we have once again found PayCent to be a payment facilitator. Currently, only the US-$ deposits are working.

The quality of the Oliver Briggs scam is of frighteningly poor quality. It is frightening because the poor quality is a sign that scammers are launching more and more scams. It also shows that apparently, enough people fall for these cheap scams. The databases and statistics of this cybercrime organization are world-class. And so is their ability to use innovation and technology to find new victims constantly.

Via fraudulent affiliate campaigns in which future victims are promised wealth, customers are trapped and robbed via email, social media, and messaging services. Please do not fall for those scams and their affiliate campaigns. Think twice, keep your money, stay safe.

Please report to us all scams and their facilitators – payment processors and affiliate networks. Together we can take action against these scammers.

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