Investor Warning – Broker scam LedgerOptions and Czech Tifiya Group

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We have received information from victims that LedgerOptions (http://www.ledgeroptions.com) is currently active and hunting for victims via fraudulent marketing campaigns. In our brief review, we were able to determine that LedgerOptions is a typical white-label scam allegedly operated by Marshall Islands-registered Ledgeroptions Limited a/k/a Ledger Options Ltd. Payments of victims are processed by Tifiya Group S.R.O. in the EU. Do not fall for this scam; stay far away from these scams.

The Czech Tifiya Group S.R.O. has already appeared in other scams such as PocketOption or 360BullFXTrading as an illegal payment processor. At that time, as an agent of Gembell Limited and PO Trade Ltd, also registered in the Marshall Islands. The Italian regulator Consob issued a black-out order against these scams and their websites in January 2020. The Russian Stanislav Saltykov is registered as a shareholder and director of the Tifiya Group (companies register).

There are dozens of new scams like LedgerOptions popping up every day. Via fraudulent marketing campaigns, they promise high profits and quick wealth to naive consumers. Very often, greed triumphs over reason in potential victims. Unfortunately, the scammers know this too and build their campaigns accordingly.

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