Investor Alert – MaxiPlus broker scam fakes Maxis Global Benefits Network

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In the last few days, we have received several emails from fraudulent marketing campaigns hunting for new victims on behalf of the scam broker MaxiPlus (http://www.maxiplus.cc and http://www.maxiplus.trade). The scam is allegedly operated by Seabreeze Partners Ltd in the Commonwealth of Dominica and Maxi Plus Co Ltd, Mauritius.. After registration, we receive emails from our account manager, which an attached FCA certificate. In this fake certificate, the scam uses Maxis Global Benefits Network (Maxis GBN).

Maxis GBN (www.maxis-gbn.com) is a joint venture of two insurance giants MetLife and AXA, and operates a network of locally licensed insurance companies. Surprise, surprise, It has nothing at all to do with the scam broker MaxiPlus.

As a payment processor, we have once again discovered XPayz cashier, which has integrated credit and debit card payments for potential victims. Stay far away from this scam, and you will save yourself money and frustration.

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