Investor Alert – Investment Scam Marketing Qliq is not licensed by CySEC

Marketing Qliq and the Amazon scam
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For several weeks now, Marketing Qliq, a marketing agency supposedly registered in Singapore, has been advertising via YouTube for investments in great stocks like Amazon that profit from the COVID-19 crisis. The scam promises a return of several hundred percent within a few weeks. Currently, a large campaign is running in this regard that addresses the German-speaking market. On its website, it is claimed that one would be a CySEC-licensed company. The provided CySEC license number 315/16 is actually connected with FXBGI Broker Financial Invest Ltd.

The Marketing Qliq scam is operating with the domain www.marketingqliq.com and several subdomains. The Amazon scam for Germany uses the subdomain https://strexo.marketingqliq.com.

Marketing Qliq fakes CySEC regulated FSBFI Broker Financial Invest

The company data provided on the Amazon scam page are actually the data connected with the CySEC license 315/16. It uses the license issuing date, company number, and the address of FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd deposited with the CySEC are indicated. This is authorized to operate the domains http://www.fxbfi.com and http://www.101investing.com. However, it is not the operator of the Marketing Qliq platform.

Do not invest with Marketing Qliq. This is a scam!

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