Investor Alert – Brokerz scam still active with PandaTS, Praxis Cashier and Introrix

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Today we have received another email from the broker scam Brokerz which has been active for a very long time. Currently, it runs under the domain http://www.brokerz.co, until recently it used http://www.brokerz.com. The first warning against Brokerz, allegedly operated by the Bulgarian All Media EOOD was published by FinTelegram back in January 2019. At that time we discovered Praxis Cashier as a payment processor and it still is doing the job today. Yet Amit Klatchko wanted to rid his Praxis Cashier of scams. Well, he has urgent work to do. Right?

At the back-end of Praxis Cashier, the Indian RazorPay, operated by Razorpay Software Private Limited in Bangalore, is integrated via Introrix (http://www.introtechdigital.com). Introrix Technology is another Indian marketing company facilitating scams like Brokerz as their affiliate. Evidently, they also process their illicit payments.

However, RazorPay is not working at the moment. On their website, one can learn that only Indian customers are currently accepted. In other words, one cannot currently make deposits with Brokerz. This is good news for investors.

As written in our last warning, Brokerz is a white-label solution from Maor Lahav‘s Israeli PandaTS. Evidently, PandaTS and Praxis Cashier are the last two Mohicans that remain loyal to the Brokerz scam. Even more than a year of many warnings by regulators and FinTelegram. That’s impressive, right?

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