Investor Alert – Broker scam TradingTeck with Praxis Cashier still online

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In September 2020, the UK FCA issued a warning against the scam broker TradingTeck (http://www.tradingteck.com and http://www.tradingteck.co). We reported here! The broker is a brand of SecVision Limited, allegedly registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The payment processor of the scam is once again Praxis Cashier from Amit Klatchko. Besides, the Mauritius-based EFTpay (http://www.eftpay.co.za) is also available as a payment option. It is disturbing that Praxis Cashier and EFTpay did not yet terminate their scam client.

broker scam TradingTeck and its payment options with Praxis Cashier and EFTpay

The scam is still active. Upon checking today, 12 March 2021, the boiler room behind the scam immediately contacted me by phone and email. Deposits via Praxis Cashier and ETFpay are also still possible, as you can see from the screenshot (left).

It cannot be stressed often enough that many investment scams would not even exist without participating payment providers. They are co-conspirators in investor fraud. In this respect, we see it as our duty to aggressively fight against scam-facilitating payment processors such as Praxis Cashier, Payotop, BridgerPay, or Piastrix. To name a few of them. We understand that the affected payment processors feel harassed by our scrutiny. We will stop as soon as these payment processors stop accepting scams as customers.

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