German BaFin warns against GRAM broker scam

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The German regulator BaFin launched a probe into the GRAM a/k/ka FXGRAM broker scam currently active via the two websites with the domains http://www.gmmkex.com and http://www.akfxgram.com. Both websites state that they are registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Likewise, they would soon be regulated by the Canadian FINTRAC. Of course, this is not correct. As a payment processor, we discovered Epay, whereby deposits can also be made via cryptocurrencies. On a BTC wallet, we discovered deposits of more than BTC 5.

The scam is actually easy to recognize, but many consumers apparently fall for it anyway. Otherwise, one could not explain the BTC 5 on the Blockchain address. Epay has apparently already blocked the scam. In any case, the deposits no longer work.


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