Fraud campaign Daily Profit promotes Merkell Group scam facilitated BridgerPay

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One of the emails arriving today leads us to the fraudulent Daily Profit campaign on the http://www.bst-offers.com website. There, a video once again promises us quick riches. Nothing new under the sun. We would only have to register to get access to this rapid wealth. Upon registering, we are redirected to the payment page of the broker scam Merkell Group (http://www.merkellgroup.com). There we meet BridgerPay once again as the scam-facilitating payment processor. Stay far away from these fraudulent campaigns.

Merkell Tras Group LTD allegedly operates the Merkell Group scam. We have not found the company, the Terms and Conditions of the scam state Protiviti Capital EOOD in Sofia, Bulgaria as the operator. The Spanish regulator CNMV issued a warning against this group in March 2021 connected with the Insta Trading (http://www.insta-trading.com) scam. BridgerPay also facilitated this scam. Please read our report here.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued an investor warning against the Merkell Group scam in January 2021. In this respect, it is interesting that the VISA partner BridgerPay still operates the scam as a merchant.

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