Daily Marketing Alert – Fraudulent Bitcoin Code campaign chases victims for TrendsTurbo scam

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Today we receive an email from a nice lady from Self Improvement eBooks (http://www.self-improvement-ebooks.net). She informs us that a Facebook group has been created to discuss new tools. She also tells us that the link in the email will take you to the long-awaited e-book. But, unfortunately, if you click on it, you actually end up (once again) on the fraudulent Bitcoin Code campaign (http://www.bitcoincodesoft.com). From there, after registering, one eventually ends up on the cashier page of the scam broker TrendsTurbo (http://www.trends-turbo.com).

The TrendsTurbo a/k/a Trends Turbo broker scam is allegedly operated by KMA Group LLC, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The scam is quickly recognizable as such. Actually, no people should fall for it. Stay far away and secure your money by doing so.

We know that these scam-facilitating fraudulent marketing campaigns are created and operated by digital agencies located mostly in Cyprus and Israel. Their mission is to chase victims and collect their credentials.

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