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We don’t have any statistical data at the moment, but there are certainly more than a dozen fraudulent marketing campaigns that play the “get rich quick and easy” song on the piano every day. Bitcoin is currently very popular with fraud campaigns addressing young consumers. The Immediate Edge Bot a/k/a Immediate Edge a/k/a BTC Edge campaign, for example. Evidently, it is focused on young consumers in Europe and Asia via fake articles. A whistleblower sent us a fake report about the purported arrest of Immediate Edge clients in Dubai for spending their excessive wealth; an almost funny-stupid article published on the fake news site The Financial Report.

Fake news report on Immediate Edge campaign

The Immediate Edge campaign currently runs on the Become Wealthier Now site (https://becomewealthiernow.com/btcedgenew/index-en.php). However, it’s available on many other sites. The operators of these fraud campaigns change the domains and websites frequently. The Immediate Edge campaign promises daily profits of up to €2,200 with the world’s best crypto software (boring).

The campaign is booked by scammers but also by CySEC-regulated investment firms to trap customers.

Immediate Edge instruction for potential victims

See our Marketing Campaigns Blacklist here.

Fraud campaigns like Immediate Edge aim to get the phone number of future victims, who then receive calls from boiler room agents trying to cheat them into scams and illegal financial offerings. On Immediate Edge, the process is even described in detail (see screenshot on the left). The operators are all about stealing your data with lies and promises of quick riches and then selling it expensively to scammers and providers of illegal financial services.

Stay far away from fraudulent campaigns like Immediate Edge Bot a/k/a BTC Edge and the brokers that are advertised with it. These scams will steal your data and money. Just by registering with the campaigns, you are already a victim because it makes your data available to the scammer scene.

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