Austrian FMA warns against PumaTS scam broker Blackstone500

FCA warns against PumaTS white-label broker scam Blackstone500
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Another warning against a PumaTS broker scam. This time the Austrian FMA warns against Blackstone500 (http://www.blackstone500.com). It’s about time for law enforcement agencies in various EU jurisdictions to take action. PumaTS is a white label broker platform provider as well as a partner and client of Leverate and operates a vast scam broker network.

On 22 July 2020, the UK regulator FCA issued a warning against Blackstone500 (see our report here). On September 15, 2020, the Austrian Financial Market Authority FMA issued a warning.

The facilitating payment processors of the Backstone500 scam are the licensed Estonian crypto payment processor BlueData OÜ (see companies register) with the brand XChangePro (www.xchangepro.net) and the Russian Certus Finance (www.certus.finance). Both payment processors can be found in several PumaTS scams. Both payment processors are integrated into the scam via the PayBox APIs.Follow the PumaTS reports here

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